FlickCabin - "Flick Cabin" is a simple free image host where you can anonymously upload pictures from the home page upload form without registering an account, and hotlink the remotely hosted images on eBay auctions, message boards, blogs, MySpace, and other websites. After uploading images, you are given BBCode (for posting the image in forums) and a direct link URL. There is no mention of maximum filesize, bandwidth and inactivity limits, or how long the hosted pics remain on the server.

Hotlink-Files - is a free file hosting provider dedicated to providing reliable free filehosting with direct linking files allowed. You can upload, store, and hot-link videos, photos and pictures, music clips, audio files, and more (all filetypes allowed), and stream audio and video files for MySpace, Friendster, Xanga, blogs, and other websites. Registering is optional (though required for uploading and hot-linking non-image files). The free filehost registered accounts have a 50 MB maximum upload file size for all file extensions, and the anonymous uploader form allows a max file size of 5 MB, but only allows uploading and hotlinking images. You can upload a zip file of images to be unzipped on the web server so they can be hotlinked separately. Registration allows you to upload all other file types and easily manage and track all of your files stored on the host server. Registered members can also create hidden/private/public folders, and get 1000 MB file storage space and 8000 MB monthly bandwidth limit. Registered account users can delete files through the management system, but publicly uploaded images cannot be deleted by users. They will store the hosted files indefinitely (forever).

FileAve - is a free file host and web host which gives users 50 MB file storage space on free hosting accounts, and 150 MB bandwidth/day (about 4.5 GB/month). That is the daily data transfer for external linking (file downloads by others), but all users have unlimited access to their own files through the control panel. You can host 50 MB of your videos, music clips, Flash animations, WAV files, and images for use anywhere, such as LiveJournal, eBay auction listings, MySpace, Xanga, photographers, sharing your files, homework, and more. All file types are permitted, but no scripting is allowed. The HTML codes are automatically generated for embedding music/videos/images on webpages -- hotlinking (direct linking/ external linking) files is allowed. Once you have uploaded a song, music, or video file, you can use the "Get Codes" link to generate EMBED tags that can be used on other websites to play the music/video file. The filehosting account includes a free subdomain, such as, in which you can make a free home page. You can create your own folders/directories to organize your files, or just upload files into the root folder. is a sister site to (owned and operated by Ripside Interactive, a free web hosting company since 1999), and their dedicated webhosting servers are located in a highly secure datacenter, with redundant storage, multiple connections to the internet, and a large cluster of web servers to maintain hosting reliability. Account creation is instant (registration required). Freehosting accounts that are inactive for more than 60 days (2 months) will be removed from the webservers, but their TOS reccommends to log in to your account at least once a month to keep it active. Accounts can have paid upgrades to increase the file storagespace and daily data transfer limits.

AlkaSpace - gives you 200 megs of free memory space with 1000 megs of bandwidth monthly suitable for free image hosting of pictures for eBay auctions, Xanga, MySpace, blogs, message boards, forums, websites, or simply to share pictures with your friends or family. You can host JPG, GIF, and PNG files up to 20 megs each, with hotlinking images supported. "Alka Space" offers lots of useful features as creating an auction gallery, an image portfolio, a slideshow, and a special "spin 360" option (360-degree spins). The free image host also has a tutorial to help you to add free images or an online photo gallery to your eBay auction listings. You can use their service without registering if you use the public area ("demo"), but they recommend that you register to have more privacy. Your account is renewed automatically every month. The free photo hosting service says it may place branding on uploaded images, though no watermark was on the image I uploaded in the demo section.

InselPix - Insel Pix was a free picture hosting website which allows unregistered users to upload photos and images, hosted with unlimited bandwidth. It let you upload and hotlink images up to 5mb (5000 KB), which is fairly large filesize limit compared to most free image hosting services that allow hotlinking full-size images. The free imagehosting web site provides unlimited storage space to upload your pics, and supports uploading these image fle extensions: .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp. You can hot-link your hosted photos on blogs, forums, ebay auctions, and other web sites.

MyNetImages - "My Net Images" is a free image and gallery hosting service with an intuitive desktop-like AJAX based members interface having features such as an easy-to-use Flash based multi-image upload tool, where you can upload as many images as you wish with only a couple clicks. You can create unlimited number of sub-photoalbums, and even sub-albums within sub-albums. Image links are easily accessible thanks to multiple view options within the members account. You can hot-link images or use a public gallery section to share your images. Photo album privacy settings allow you to prevent people from viewing your content. You can move your sub-albums and images into other sub-albums, add descriptions, and rename them. Upload settings allow you to change the default image size, so all your images can be resized to your liking during upload. Member registration is required. Supported image formats (file extensions allowed): jpeg, jpg, gif, png. The maximum image size allowed is 512 KB, and the free hosting accounts provide 999 MB of available storage space for your image files. Images larger than 512kb are optimized during upload so you can upload large photos and they will automatically be optimized for web viewing. There are multiple account view options, such as thumbnail, list, and image links. You can upload single images or use their Flash-based, one-click, multi-image uploader. At the moment, there are no limits on bandwidth usage, and there is no set time limit on when uploaded images expire, so they are not deleted from the webserver. There is a forum where users can get help and post suggestions/requests for future features.

Host-A - Host-A is a free file hosting service for anybody who wants to upload their files or content for public exhibition or private downloading. The free file uploader accepts all file types (games, songs, audios, photos, videos, compressed archive files, etc.), and hosted files are kept until the user removes them. In order to use the free file host, registration is required (instant activation), and uses are given 20 mb of free file storage space to upload files to, and a subfolder URL which lists their public files that can be downloaded. You are given 550 MB of bandwidth/month, but can earn more by using their referral system -- for each user you refer to Host-A, you will earn 100 MB of additional bandwidth; also if a user views your profile page or downloads a file from your free hosting account, and signs up afterwards, you are credited for that. You can upload up to 10 files at once, and mark them as private or public. Hosted files have download counters to record the number of file downloads (you cannot direct link the hosted file though). Account add-ons (upgrade) are available via donation.

ImgFreeHost - "Img Free Host" is a free auction image hosting website which allows you to upload these file types: gif, jpg and png images, with maximum file size limit of 250KB per hosted image. The uploaded images, pictures, and photos stay hosted on their image free host server for 60 days, however if you wish to have your images hosted indefinitely you can upload your pictures again at any time to reset the 60-day limit. Linking codes are provided in 3 different formats, and direct linking pictures can be done on auction sites like ebay, classifieds, forums, message boards, and other websites ("hotlinking" allowed). Signing up at imgfreehost is not mandatory to be able to use the free anonymous upload, but free registration will help you manage your hosted pictures (delete and change images). - Free image web hosting with upload manager and online photo gallery creator. Upload your pictures free for posting images on message boards, hosting your ebay auction photos, and even sharing pictures with your family. You do not need to register, but creating an account lets you manage all your uploads and create online photo galleries. The web hosting for your hosted images is on a dedicated server. Filename extensions allowed: gif, jpg, bmp, png. The max filesize limit is 3000 KB. Uploaded pics are stored online at least 60 days.

ImageCave - "Image Cave" provides free imagehosting, with image manipulation tools such as image resizing, conversion, rotate, compression, thumbnail and photo album generation. Direct linking and remote loading are allowed, so you can directly link any of your photos, albums, thumbnails, or album lists on any website, such as eBay auction, Live Journal,, or anywhere you need to post pictures. Short URLs (usera.imagecave/you/). Signing up is required, and paid upgrades are available for more storage space and allowed bandwidth. It now features unlimited data transfer (unlimited bandwidth), 10 MB image storage. BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF support. Free accounts are limited to 250 KB GIF or 1 MB JPG image files. JPG images over 250 KB will be compressed, BMP images will be converted to JPG files, and larger images will be rejected.

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